Dantedì – MArTAvision

23 March 2020 23 March 2020

The National Archaeological Museum of Taranto –MArTA– will celebrate DanteDì, the Italian national day dedicated to Dante Alighieri, by reaching out to all its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube followers (via MArTAvision). According to scholars, March 25 marks the beginning of the journey into the afterlife narrated in the Divine Comedy and that date will be celebrated for the first time this year. We will all meet at 12 pm (Central European Time) when thousands of Italian students will recite the first few verses of the Inferno on social media.
On this occasion, the MArTA will host art historian Gianni Pittiglio who will provide interesting insights and facts about Dante Alighieri. Mr Pittiglio works at the Directorate-General for Education and Research and at the Directorate-General for Cinema and Audio-visuals of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.



Dantedì InMArTAvisione

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