“Pontos. Il mare che unisce”: review of sounds and words from the Mediterranean

14 September 2020 14 September 2020

The University of Foggia and the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto‐MArTA organize “Pontos. Il mare che unisce (Pontos. The sea that unites)”, a review of artistic events linked to the culture of the sea, community and identity thanks to the project FISH&CHIPS (Fisheries and Cultural Heritage, Identity, Participated Societies) – funded by INTERREG V/A Greece – Italy Programme 2014/2020.

Concerts and theatrical performance are planned in collaboration with theatrical companies (Teatro  delle  Forche),  musicians  and  artists  (La  Cantiga  de  la  Serena,  Nabil  Bey  e  Fabrizio  Piepoli). The events, under the artistic direction of Professor Danilo Leone (University of Foggia), will take place in Taranto according to the following calendar:

  • 19 September 2020 sunset (h 18:00): TEATRO DELLE FORCHE – Project CLESSIDRA “DUNE. Sentieri Possibili”, on the banks of the II bay of Mar Piccolo of Taranto;
  • 20  September  2020 (h 11:00): La Cantiga de la Serena  (feat. Andrea De Siena), “LA FORTUNA canti di gioia, di preghiera e d’amore dal Mediterraneo”, at the cloister of MArTA;
  • 20 September 2020 sunset (h 18:00) and night (h 21:00): TEATRO DELLE FORCHE –Project CLESSIDRA “DUNE. Sentieri Possibili”, on the banks of the II bay of Mar Piccolo of Taranto;
  • 26 September 2020 (h 19:00): Nabil Bey, Fabrizio Piepoli in “GHIBLI suoni ed echi dal Mediterraneo”, at the cloister of MArTA;
  • 04  October  2020  morning  (h  11:00)  and  afternoon  (h.  17:00):  TEATRO  DELLE FORCHE in “KORE”, at the cloister of MArTA.

All  the  events  are  free  but  with  limited  access,  therefore  it  is  necessary  to  book  a  seat  by  calling the ticket office of the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto‐MArTA: tel. 099 4538639.

For the exhibition of 19 and 20 September on the banks of Mar Piccolo, it is necessary to make a reservation by calling the ticket office of Teatro delle Forche: tel. 349 7291060.

Further updates will be available at the following link:

FISH&CHIPS project, financed under Priority Axis 2 (Integrated Environmental Management) of the Interreg V‐A Greece‐Italy Programme 2014‐2020, is focused on sea, fishing, maritime traditions  and  aims  to  give  value  to  the  archaeological  and  cultural  heritage  of  the  area  of  Taranto in Puglia and the island of Corfu in Greece, creating concrete opportunities for diversification of fishing communities’ economic activities and seasonal adjustment.

“Pontos. Il mare che unisce”: rassegna di suoni e parole dal Mediterraneo

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